[German law demands this]

André Medek
Westerwaldweg 22
53424 Remagen ST Oberwinter

Email: andre (@)

Please encrypt PGP mails with key 0xE343DFDC18B3D126 (from PGP keyserver) .
Fingerprint is: 039C C60E 08FD A9E7 162B 04C8 E343 DFDC 18B3 D126
Please note: this key is not trustworthy just because it is given here. If you assume the existence of an eavesdropper between you and me you also have to assume that traffic can be modified and a different key can be injected. Trust in a key can only be achieved by joining keysigning parties and collecting hints through the web of trust.


The webserver writes log files with accesses and IP addresses of visitors. In case of errors they are used for determining the causes, they are not used otherwise. As there are no user accounts and tracking cookies etc. here I consider them as not related to persons.

Otherwise no data is logged, saved or evaluated.

Updated at: 13 July 2017